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Navigating Midlife Blues

 The middle years of our lives are often referred to dramatically as “midlife crises” in an attempt to explain the persistent discontent we experience within ourselves and with the external world.  A phase when success feels dry and unrealized dreams linger tantalizingly. Our typical response during this phase is to rely on strategies that have worked for us in the past to help us get rid of these troubling feelings. However, the impact of these strategies is fleeting. (more…)

Can the MBTI® Instrument’s popularity be explained by the FIRO® Instrument?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator MBTI® instrument is one of the most popular instruments in the world. It finds numerous applications – in team building, leader development, coaching. What is it that makes it so popular among trainers, facilitators and coaches? The MBTI® instrument is used so often for ‘Self Awareness’ but how then has it come to be an instrument of choice for team building? It is of course easy to use but is that all there is to it? Perhaps the answer lies, surprisingly, in the theoretical framework that underpins another very popular assessment, the FIRO-B® instrument. (more…)

Getting Onboarding Right

After a long tiring search, you hire a great candidate for an important position. Now, what? Consider the fact that 46% of the new hires leave in the first 18 months1. Last year, companies found it took an average of 9 months for their new hires to become fully productive, and leaders took more than a year to become fully productive in their roles2. Surveys show that only 32% recruitment heads feel that their onboarding programmes are effective2.  What can you do about it? Research has some interesting answers. Let’s explore them.