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In Conversation with Prof. Peter Saville

This excerpt is from an Interview with Prof. Peter Saville, the world renowned expert and assessment guru, when he was in India to launch Saville Consulting assessments with Anahat about five years ago. While the interview is a little dated, Prof. Peter Saville’s insights on talent assessment and their applications are ever relevant. The full interview can be viewed here in video format (about 23 minutes long) while some select excerpts from the interview are here for a quick five minute read. (more…)

The Challenge of Rebooting Careers

Career rebooting seems to happen to different people at different stages of their careers. For some it happens within the first two years of work. (“Why did I ever study engineering or computers?” “What am I doing in this IT company?”). For others it seems to happen later; eight to ten or even twenty years after leading reasonably successful work lives. (“Is this all there is to work and to life?” “Do I have to do the same stuff for the next twenty years?”) (more…)

Introduction to Type and Leadership by Sharon Lebovitz Richmond

Introduction to Type and Leadership® lays down a framework that reinforces the belief inherent in the MBTI® instrument– everyone can lead. It is an essential resource that explores how the 16 personality types can develop their unique leadership styles and become successful. Used along with the MBTI® instrument, this booklet helps leaders become self-aware and use this self-awareness to lead effectively, grow and help understand their followers better. 


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Navigating Midlife Blues

 The middle years of our lives are often referred to dramatically as “midlife crises” in an attempt to explain the persistent discontent we experience within ourselves and with the external world.  A phase when success feels dry and unrealized dreams linger tantalizingly. Our typical response during this phase is to rely on strategies that have worked for us in the past to help us get rid of these troubling feelings. However, the impact of these strategies is fleeting. (more…)