Entrepreneurship through the lens of Saville Wave – a conversation with Vignesh from CarPal

Vignesh, a budding entrepreneur and co-founder of CarPal, a company in the digital car selling space, joined us for an interview-format conversation over coffee. His company helps customers make better car purchasing decisions and offers all associated services online. He had taken the Professional Styles assessment earlier and was interested to see what his Entrepreneurial Potential Profile could tell him about his entrepreneurial style. The Entrepreneurial Potential report from Saville describes Entrepreneurial Potential in 21 areas under six themes. (See a sample report here)  


Three MBTI® Types and their Entrepreneurial Journey

Your MBTI® type tells you about your preferences – what comes to you naturally and what you naturally find distasteful. These preferences shape our lives in profound ways. We asked three entrepreneurs, each of a different MBTI® type, how they became entrepreneurs, what the purpose of their venture was and what they learnt from their entrepreneurial careers. Each person’s response to these questions gives us an insight into how their own preferences shape their approach to entrepreneurship.

Your MBTI® Type and Entrepreneurial Orientation

Type theory is an expansive model of the individual psyche. It deepens self-awareness and also helps understand our preferred ways of dealing with life’s challenges. From leadership to communication, and from learning to influencing, the MBTI® instrument lends itself to understanding many manifestations of individual differences. In this research digest, we explore the MBTI® instrument and its association with both entrepreneurial orientation as well as entrepreneurial success.

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In Conversation with Prof. Peter Saville

This excerpt is from an Interview with Prof. Peter Saville, the world renowned expert and assessment guru, when he was in India to launch Saville Consulting assessments with Anahat about five years ago. While the interview is a little dated, Prof. Peter Saville’s insights on talent assessment and their applications are ever relevant. The full interview can be viewed here in video format (about 23 minutes long) while some select excerpts from the interview are here for a quick five minute read. (more…)