Type Dynamics of the Archetypal Corporate Culture

The archetypal culture of globalized corporations originated in post-WWII USA. As the economic center of the world spread its capitalistic wings, this culture, too, spread across the world. The archetypal organisation and its structure arise from a strong focus on control, and on organizing for efficiency, reliability and process orientation. This archetype, decades-old and at times irrelevant, still dictates global organizational structure and the basic assumptions behind management practices.


An Interview with a Strong Interest Inventory® Practitioner

Strong Interest Inventory(SII)®  is a powerful tool for career conversations across life stages. One of our proficient SII® users is Mr Rohit Kumar who is a consultant with Family Vision. Rohit has been using SII® for quite some time now in different settings. We asked him to share his experience and views on working with the SII® and following are the excerpts from the interview.


Linking ‘Interests’ to Employee Wellbeing


Employee engagement initiatives have come a long way, from providing ‘pay and rewards’ to including ‘quality of life’ which is about employee well-being, both, physical and mental; work-life balance, quality of work activities and more. These inclusions to the employee engagement initiatives are inviting organisations to acknowledge each employee’s uniqueness and understand that there is a need for differentiated engagement approaches.


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