Anahat Business Solutions

We offer customised solutions to organizations to build leadership capabilities,enhance performance, manage transformations and drive growth. Our approaches come from a rich and diverse trove of insights gained from psychometric assessments, process facilitation, experiential learnings and coaching, gathered over two decades.

Institution Building

Anahat recognizes that an organization is both an economic and a social system. We engage with the leadership of organizations to create well being for both needs of the organisation.

Talent Management

In an age of stiff competition for talent, we help organisations identify, motivate and develop talent using cutting-edge assessments. Our talent management solutions are anchored chiefly around the Saville Consulting Wave Performance Culture framework and assessments. This validated framework and suite of well-researched instruments is designed to support organizations at every stage in the talent cycle.

Executive Coaching

The development process unfolds uniquely for each individual. Our performance and life coaching conversations recognise a combination of life stage, purpose, talent and motivation to craft a meaningful way forward for each individual.

Leadership Development

Using a combination of psychometric assessments, experiential learning and cognitive frameworks, we encourage individuals to expand their leadership capacities by recognizing and managing their work environments. We also offer team coaching to leadership collectives, such as a CEO and his team, which can help them recognize their inter-dependencies and function as a coherent single unit

Organisation Change

While change in an organisation is inevitable, an intervention at the time of transformation can make a huge in how the change is perceived and engaged with. Our solutions equip people to better handle the changes brought about by events such as mergers, economic downturns, or significant system rehauls.