An Interview with a Strong Interest Inventory® Practitioner

Strong Interest Inventory(SII)®  is a powerful tool for career conversations across life stages. One of our proficient SII® users is Mr Rohit Kumar who is a consultant with Family Vision. Rohit has been using SII® for quite some time now in different settings. We asked him to share his experience and views on working with the SII® and following are the excerpts from the interview.


Linking ‘Interests’ to Employee Wellbeing


Employee engagement initiatives have come a long way, from providing ‘pay and rewards’ to including ‘quality of life’ which is about employee well-being, both, physical and mental; work-life balance, quality of work activities and more. These inclusions to the employee engagement initiatives are inviting organisations to acknowledge each employee’s uniqueness and understand that there is a need for differentiated engagement approaches.


The Challenge of Rebooting Careers

Career rebooting seems to happen to different people at different stages of their careers. For some it happens within the first two years of work. (“Why did I ever study engineering or computers?” “What am I doing in this IT company?”). For others it seems to happen later; eight to ten or even twenty years after leading reasonably successful work lives. (“Is this all there is to work and to life?” “Do I have to do the same stuff for the next twenty years?”) (more…)