Based on Carl Jung's theory of perception, the widely used MBTI® tool is used to understand peoples' overall personality type and decision making styles.

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The FIRO-B® is a personality instrument that maximizes interpersonal effectiveness by assessing how peoples' needs for participation, influence, and closeness form their team's success.

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By describing individuals in the way others see them, the CPI260 ™assessment illustrates a range of personal and work-related characteristics as well as different ways people interact.

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Strong® Accreditation Program

Help your clients identify, understand and expand their career choices using the Strong Interest Inventory® instrument.

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Saville Accreditation Program

With unique insights on job-fit, culture-fit and reliable competency mapping, Saville assessments provide recruitment and performance management solutions at every stage of the talent cycle.

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BEI, our in-house program, equips individuals with skills to conduct a behavioural interview for a given set of competencies.

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