Client Speak

Client Speak

Saville Accreditation Program

“Talent development is an imperative for all organizations today. It helps organizations and businesses to plan  and be prepared for the future. I believe talent strategy today lacks specificity to guide people on the desirable behaviors that create success at workplace.  We found the Saville Accreditation Program to cover all aspects of talent strategy. It takes into consideration the natural gifts and talents of people and marries it beautifully with business requirements. Our partners – Anahat helped us to implement the Saville Framework as the DNA of our organization with practical insights and well facilitated sessions.”

– Mukund Venkatesh, Vice President and India General Manager, Global Analytics.


Anahat’s MBTI certification program was not only engaging but also carefully crafted, practically structured, and a distinctly evident return on all investment. Post the workshop, they’ve been an excellent learning partner to help me provide world class learning solutions to my program participants. Their prompt, professional and systematic style of transacting with professionals’ post workshop is world-class, just like the products they offer. We at Roche have leveraged MBTI extensively to enhance effectiveness in teams, as it provides non-threatening and scientific way of giving, receiving and building on feedback. The robustness of the tool, coupled with thoughtful facilitation by the Anahat Team have demonstrated impact in teams.    

- Nilesh Kulkarni - HR Director,

Roche Products (India) Pvt. Ltd.

  “I attended the MBTI certification which was a feast for any HR professional. It’s not only about the subject but also about how its delivered. I was amazed to see Anahat Team’s ability to take us through MBTI joyride. The Life experiences shared & MBTI knowledge was a perfect blend to keep us constructively engaged for those five days. “

-Ritesh Joshi - Head HR

Components business & Labour relations, Cummins India Ltd.

My association with Anahat spans almost a decade, starting with getting certified as a MBTI consultant, to regular sourcing of material, to periodic seeking of insights/ consultation on various people related matters. Their customer orientation, service efficiency and of course, expert advice on complex HR matters is something one can always count on. My sincere respect for the work being done in the field of mind-set change and impacting organizational culture & performance.

-Sormishtha Ghosal - Head L&D,

OE -APAC, Cargill

  “My interactions with Anahat have been from two perspectives: 1) My MBTI certification 2) Setting up MBTI administrations, for our folks internally Here are my thoughts on both… MBTI Certification I attended the certification program, more than a year ago in Mumbai. What was clear from the outset, was the wealth of information and knowledge, Anahat team brings to the table. It’s one thing to facilitate brilliantly, but another to contextualize it, from multiple perspectives and this was received fabulously. Their warmth as a people and facilitators, simply adds more value to the workshop Anahat Operations We have been working with Anahat for almost 5 years now, and each time we set up administrations, it a flawless experience. Reports are generated and mailed on time. Status updates are provided on a daily basis without any follow-ups etc. Extremely professional services and absolutely no hassles whatsoever.”  

-Rakesh Prasad - Assistant Manager, Learning & Development,

India Global Delivery Center - CGI

Strong® Accreditation Program

“The Strong inventory helps unearth natural strong areas, and the report gives valuable suggestions on possible career choices for students & young professionals.”

-S. Mulla - Head Training Delivery (AGM) for Instructor Led Training & Business Simulations, Eduriser Learning Solutions

“All of us at multiple stages of our lives have these questions popping up - Who am I? Am I into the right profession? Strong Interest Inventory answered all of these questions satisfactorily.”

-D. Abhijit - Education Management Consultant

“I may consider using this understanding and marrying my theme to the work I do. I am sure I will only further enjoy my work.”

-S.R. Nair - Managing Director,

Atiitya Training & HR Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

“Although I had heard a lot about Strong Interest Inventory, it was only after taking it I was convinced about its efficacy.”

-M. Mittal - Director, Global Careers

“The report is very detailed, presentable and majorly covers the important points for effective career choice. A very effective and must inventory for career counsellors and coaches.  It was great to discover my key interests. Very pleased with the accuracy.””

-Dr. A. Bansal - Freelance Trainer & Career Coach

“All of us at multiple stages of our lives have these questions popping up - Who am I? Am I into the right profession? Strong Interest Inventory answered all of these questions satisfactorily.”

-D. Abhijit - Education Management Consultant

“The career options once again reaffirmed the work I do, and the interests & abilities I have been working with for so many years now.”

-M. Husein - Counsellor,

Burhani Centennial Higher Education Trust



“An illuminating and learning experience with the FIRO-B training”  

-Dr. James Poovathingal, Professor, T A Pai Management Institute


I’ve been a MBTI practitioner for more than 6 years now. I have facilitated many individual coaching session for personal & career development as well as team sessions for team building, decision making and building collaboration and communication process within functional, cross functional and multi-location teams.  The MBTI tool and the sessions have benefited hundreds of individual and teams gain useful and actionable insights through their MBTI results. All this would not have been possible without the support of the team at Anahat who have been wonderful partners. They have provided timely support in generating reports and answering any queries I had. I look forward for continued support in the years to come.

-Raj Karunakaran, Director Human Resource      

Royal Philips