What is an assessment centre?

An Assessment Centre is a mode of assessing behavioural competencies. It is characterised by the use of multiple assessment tools and multiple assessors. When it is used for selection or screening purposes and leads/contributes to a "yes/no" decision, it is called an Assessment Centre. When it used for defining the future growth and development of the participants, it is called a Development Centre. For the sake of simplicity, we have used the term "Assessment Centre" to refer to both kinds of assessment throughout this note unless the context requires differentiation

How do they differ from psychometric instruments?

Psychometric tools offer an assessment that is based on specific psychological constructs and is not linked directly to the job context. While psychometric tools can be used as one component of an Assessment Centre, an AC typically includes a variety of tools that measure competencies more directly through observation of behaviour rather than through interpretation of motives or personality. Typically, ACs are concerned with the display of behaviours rather with the genesis of those behaviours.

Why this program? What is different?

This programme goes beyond knowledge building. One of the unique aspects of this programme is that it offers experience of a live Assessment Centre; thus, participants go away with practised skills rather than theoretical knowledge.

What is the value of the certification?

The certificate of competence signifies that the participant has shown evidence of deploying the skills acquired during the programme with the rigour necessary for effective assessment. The certification comes from Anahat (formerly APPIPL), an organisation well-known in the Assessment world both as distributor and trainer of several psychometric assessment products and very highly regarded for the rigour and the substantiveness of training and especially of the certification process.