What are the benefits of knowing your FIRO-B feedback?

  • Knowledge of your leadership style and its impact on others
  • Ability to respond to the needs and styles of others
  • Increased productivity through awareness of interpersonal dynamics in the workplace
  • Identifying the tasks and jobs that give satisfaction

What does the FIRO-B report give you?

It provides feedback on your interpersonal style and its appropriateness in relationships on three dimensions: Inclusion, Control and Affection.

What the FIRO-B is not -

  • It is not a comprehensive personality test
  • It is not a judgment about "bad" or "good" behaviours or "bad" or "good" people
  • It is not a measure of abilities, career interests or achievement.

How is the FIRO-B instrument different from the MBTI Instrument?

The MBTI captures one picture of a person's preferences (how you prefer to take in information and reach conclusions) and the FIRO-B another (what you look for in interpersonal situations). When you have an opportunity to get feedback from both these instruments, you receive two perspectives on yourself that have different aspects in focus. Leaders can integrate the two perspectives to maximize their influence in the workplace.