Why is the MBTI® instrument so popular?

  • The MBTI® instrument is an indicator, not a test, so there are no right or wrong answers.
  • It sorts people into 16 broad personality Types. But there are no bad Types. Each Type has its own strengths and some minor pitfalls.
  • The MBTI® instrument looks at only normal behavior. It does not measure or detect psychiatric disturbances, trauma, intelligence or maturity.
  • Confidentiality. There is no need to tell anyone your results unless you want to.
  • The MBTI® instrument gives results that are practical and can be used in everyday life.

What are the benefits of knowing your MBTI® Type?

  • Improved communication skills
  • Improved time Management
  • Ability to understand and reduce conflict
  • Knowing your contribution in a team
  • Identifying the tasks and jobs that give satisfaction
  • Knowledge of your managerial style and its strengths and drawbacks

What does the MBTI® Step I report give you?

The MBTI® Step I version of the instrument helps you identify a significant portion of the differences in how we prefer to

  • Interact with others and communicate
  • The information we want and trust
  • The way we make decisions
  • Organize our lives

What is the MBTI® Step II instrument?

The MBTI® Step II version of the instrument helps people understand their personalities more fully. It builds on the four-letter MBTI® Step I Type and shows twenty ways in which that Type is expressed.