Introduction to Type and Leadership by Sharon Lebovitz Richmond

Introduction to Type and Leadership® lays down a framework that reinforces the belief inherent in the MBTI® instrument– everyone can lead. It is an essential resource that explores how the 16 personality types can develop their unique leadership styles and become successful. Used along with the MBTI® instrument, this booklet helps leaders become self-aware and use this self-awareness to lead effectively, grow and help understand their followers better. 


 “Organizations today face two major leadership issues: an anticipated shortage of leaders and the increasing challenges of leadership in a global environment.” 


 What is inside this book?


 This book has five sections:
• “Understanding Leadership” – what leaders do, and the importance of emotional intelligence for effective leadership
• “Personality Type Basics and Dynamics” – the building blocks of personality type theory, plus an introduction to type dynamics
• “Type Development and Leadership Development” – how the two are related, and how successful leaders move from being specialists to being generalists
• “Mapping Your Leadership Landscape” – the Leadership Map, enabling leaders to identify development areas
• “Sixteen Paths to Leadership” – leadership profiles of the sixteen personality types. Assets, challenges and specific ideas for each type.


 How to use this book?


 itt2This book is meant to be used in conjunction with the MBTI® instrument.  It can be used to introduce the type preferences and help others do a good self-estimate as well as find their best-fit type while facilitating managerial and leadership training sessions.  Thereafter, this book can be used to describe multiple leadership styles, challenge mindsets and focus on building skills. It can be used to discuss differences in groups and ultimately do development planning keeping the framework of type development in mind. In coaching and one on one settings this book is equally powerful in affirming leaders and their individuality by customizing development plans.


 Who is this book for? 


• Leaders who are looking to realise their innate leadership styles and become more effective leaders
• Coaches who want to use MBTI framework to guide leaders and help them create a customized development plan for themselves
• Trainers who want to use this resource to introduce the MBTI® instrument in their programmes and use it to help their audience realise their leadership styles


About the author


Sharon Lebovitz Richmond is a leadership coach and management consultant. She works at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, Center for Leadership Development and Research. For more than twenty years, Richmond has partnered with hundreds of executives, boards, and leaders, developing the leadership capabilities and skills they need to run agile, competitive organizations. She is founder of the California Leadership Consortium, an organization of professionals dedicated to growing global leaders.


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