Midweek Musings-31

Mid Week Musings


In January 1969, a film crew was given unprecedented access to film The Beatles at work. This resulted in 57 hours of the most intimate footage ever shot of one of the most iconic bands in history. The footage was locked in a vault for over half a century till movie director Peter Jackson turned it into a fascinating 3-part documentary called Get Back (currently playing on Disney Hotstar).

The band had less than three weeks to write and record a new album of 14 songs and film a concert of these songs for a TV show and documentary.

If there is one thing that seems to stand out above all else in the documentary, it is the sheer hard work the Beatles put into their music, and the attention they paid to every line of every song till it sounded just right. Thomas Edison said, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” The Beatles certainly proved him right.

Theirs was a genius that emerged after much trial, error, and hard work. At one point in the project, after they had tried unsuccessfully for days to write new songs, and frustration was starting to set in, band member Paul McCartney reminded them, “We do our best when our backs are against the wall.”

They persevered together through their creative slump, and sure enough, succeeded in producing a memorable album and performed their final public concert together on the rooftop of Apple Studios.

There is something deeply encouraging about watching even a group as iconic as the Beatles struggling with creating something new, working through their differences of opinion, trying, failing, trying, failing, trying… and then finally succeeding in creating a masterpiece!

One is left feeling at the end of documentary that if they could push through their difficulties and create great work despite daunting odds, perhaps we can, too. 

Have a great week! 

Team Anahat