Midweek Musings-34

Mid Week Musings


‘Log driving’ refers to the practise of moving logs (sawn tree trunks) from a forest to sawmills and pulp mills downstream using the current of a river. For hundreds of years, it remained the main method of transporting logs in Europe and North America.

(Believe it or not, the term ‘come hell or high water’ which is used to describe the determination to get something accomplished no matter how great the difficulty, originated in the race to get logs into brooks and streams so that they could reach the rivers while the water level was high enough to float the logs.)

To ensure that logs drifted freely along the river, men called ‘log drivers’ guided the logs. They watched the spots along the river where the logs were likely to jam, and moved quickly to unclog the ‘log jams’ as they happened.

It is interesting to note how they did so. Instead of trying to work with all the logs, the log drivers would focus on ‘the key log’, or the main log that was causing the jam and simply concentrate on removing that. Once that log was dislodged, the other logs, too, came free and started moving downstream again.

There is a lesson here for us. Sometimes we, too, feel ‘stuck’ in our lives. At times like that, it is important to try and identify the ‘key log’ or the main thing that is blocking the ‘flow’ of our life, and take care of that first.

Perhaps the ‘key log’ in one person’s case is a fear that is holding them back from living the kind of life they should. In another person’s case, it could be an unresolved bitterness which is causing them to have inexplicable anger issues. In yet another person’s case. it could be the habit of comparing themselves with others negatively, which is causing them to behave in irrational ways with others. 

Discovering the ‘key log’ in our lives is a vital step to becoming ‘unstuck’ and making the progress we need to make. The start of a new year is a great time to take a fresh look at old problems and come up with fresh solutions. Insight, as we often say, changes everything!

Have a great week!

Team Anahat