CPI 260® Manual


Harrison G Gough & Pamela Bradley

Provides comprehensive information needed to understand the CPI 260® tool. Packed with relevant research data, this comprehensive technical manual provides the vital information you need to master use of the assessment. The manual: • Offers a clear view into the construction and interpretation of the CPI 260 instrument • Explains the theory, reliability, and validity of the instrument • Describes the 26 scales and how to interpret scores • Includes a walk-through of the three-vector model • Covers how to detect and handle invalid results • Provides additional interpretive data, such as the significance of ethnicity Use this manual together with the CPI 260® Client Feedback Report Guide for Interpretation, the CPI 260® Coaching Report for Leaders User’s Guide and the Advanced Guide for Interpretation for a complete practitioner’s resource library.

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This indispensable technical manual, essential for administrators of the CPI 434 instrument, provides you with the deepest and most complete understanding of the assessment and its most appropriate uses, with:

• Information on the interpretation of the Folk Scales and the three vector scales

• Illustrative case analysis

• A discussion of ways to detect invalid protocols

• Descriptions of the norm sample and reliability and factor analysis

• Case studies, history of and research on the instrument, and over 230 pages of extensive interpretive data, including correlations with other instruments