Sarayu’s MBTI® Story: Using Type to make a breakthrough in an interpersonal relationship

One of the wonderful things your MBTI® type can do for you is to open your mind and heart to how other people differ from you. On one hand, it affirms your own perspective, position and outlook toward life and on the other, it gets you to start thinking – there could be other perfectly functional and yet differing perspectives, positions and outlooks. Here is Sarayu’s story – how she made a breakthrough in the interpersonal dynamics with her professor using the insights from type theory.



In relationships, frequently initially, we either quickly start to like people or dislike people. At the surface what seems to be unwarranted hostility is nothing but type differences catching you off guard. In such moments, you may either instinctively uphold own positions and question that of the others. Or you may go the MBTI® way and try to understand the other’s perspective through the lens of MBTI® type. It is amazing how, realizing that people are just different and not difficult, changes the way how we work and relate with people; how we accept discord as status quo or work around it by acknowledging own preferences and affirming others’.


About Sarayu: Sarayu, ESFJ, is an MBTI® Certified Practitioner and a Student of Economics at University of British Columbia. She is also pursuing her Masters in Kathak from Bangiya Sangeet Parishad, West Bengal.


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