Saville Consulting is Saville Assessment now… and other updates

We are excited to share some new updates with you about Saville… it is now Saville Assessment.    This rebranding has led to a change in its logo as well as website URL. Read on to see what other changes are in store. 


 New Value Proposition

 Saville’s new branding reflects in the change of the value proposition. The new value proposition is Hire, Build and Lead with a bouquet of products in each solution offering.

New Reports

 Saville Assessment has rolled out a new set of reports:

 New Norms
 A range of new norms have been created. The old norms have been replaced with 2017 international and regional norms for the Wave questionnaires. India and Gulf Region specific norms have also been introduced for some of the aptitude tests.

 Find out more…
 Read more about these changes in this document that has been created to guide you through these changes in detail.  Please reach out to us by emailing, or leaving a comment here, should you have any questions. 

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