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287700iStartStrong® Report

iStartStrong® Report

This personalized report clearly identifies how one’s interests and themes link to various jobs, work settings, and career fields.

Career Exploration for College Students
8445Career Exploration for College Students

Using the Strong and MBTI® Tools to Chart Your Course

Help guide your students through the process of career exploration

In today’s workplace, the only constant is change. Career Exploration for College Students addresses the turbulent business environment by providing strategies for job design, career portfolio development, and work-life balance. The booklet will empower your students to use their Strong and MBTI results to develop a personal mission statement, consider the role of work in their life, develop interests that are transferable, and prepare for a unique career journey.

Strong Interest Inventory® College Profile User’s Guide
8475Strong Interest Inventory® College Profile User’s Guide

Jeffrey P. Prince
Practitioner’s Tool for Helping College Students with Academic and Career Choices

Get vital insights to use the College Profile with confidence and creativity

This user’s guide is an invaluable resource for practitioners who are currently using the Strong College Profile or considering adding it to their repertoire. The guide discusses strategies for interpreting Strong results both with individual students and in workshop settings, and it zooms in on working with challenging profiles and specific student populations. Special features include a case study and more than 20 reproducible masters.

Strong Interest Inventory® User's Guide
8403Strong Interest Inventory® User's Guide

Judith Grutter and Allen L Hammer

Hone your Strong skills with this indispensable practitioner’s tool. Two preeminent authors and practitioners offer practical insights into administering and interpreting the Strong assessment in this must-have resource. An overview of the Strong and general strategies are just the beginning in this powerful tool. The guide goes deeper to discuss interpretation strategies for especially challenging profiles and client-specific approaches that work. Answers to frequently asked questions and a set of reproducible masters round out this indispensable tool for new and experienced users of the Strong instrument

Strong Interest Inventory® Manual (with Supplement)
8410Strong Interest Inventory® Manual (with Supplement)

The Strong Manual, with the new supplement, is the most comprehensive guide to understanding and administering the Strong assessment. • Provides detailed descriptions of the GOTs, BISs, OSs (updated in 2012), and PSSs, as well as the administrative indexes • Offers vital insights into each of the 260 occupational samples—including O*NET codes, broad descriptions, and related occupations—plus interpretation strategies • Gives directions for using the Strong in educational institutions, outplacement centers, and employment offices to help students, career changers, or displaced employees find meaningful direction • Features the latest research, including reliability and validity of the assessment

Where Do I Go Next?
8432Where Do I Go Next?

Fred Borgen and Judith Grutter

Help clients focus and stay motivated during their career search This interpretive booklet enables clients to work through their results on the revised Strong to better understand their career interests, and provides expanded information to help explain their results on the GOTs and Basic Interest Scales. The booklet also supplies descriptions of the Personal Style Scales, with lists of preferred interests, skills, abilities, work tasks, and occupations to target the best career for your client.