Approaching Difficult Feedback Conversations


The prospect of receiving feedback on psychometric reports can be intimidating for some people. Understanding the implications of psychometric data and what it may mean to an individual’s sense of self, is not an easy endeavour. As a practitioner, I have found a few strategies useful while delivering feedback in difficult conversations. In my experience, being cognizant of how the client reacts to a new piece of information, can be useful in understanding the client better and helping them.


Your MBTI® Type and Entrepreneurial Orientation

Type theory is an expansive model of the individual psyche. It deepens self-awareness and also helps understand our preferred ways of dealing with life’s challenges. From leadership to communication, and from learning to influencing, the MBTI® instrument lends itself to understanding many manifestations of individual differences. In this research digest, we explore the MBTI® instrument and its association with both entrepreneurial orientation as well as entrepreneurial success.

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Navigating Midlife Blues

 The middle years of our lives are often referred to dramatically as “midlife crises” in an attempt to explain the persistent discontent we experience within ourselves and with the external world.  A phase when success feels dry and unrealized dreams linger tantalizingly. Our typical response during this phase is to rely on strategies that have worked for us in the past to help us get rid of these troubling feelings. However, the impact of these strategies is fleeting. (more…)