The Challenge of Rebooting Careers

Career rebooting seems to happen to different people at different stages of their careers. For some it happens within the first two years of work. (“Why did I ever study engineering or computers?” “What am I doing in this IT company?”). For others it seems to happen later; eight to ten or even twenty years after leading reasonably successful work lives. (“Is this all there is to work and to life?” “Do I have to do the same stuff for the next twenty years?”) (more…)

Can the MBTI® Instrument’s popularity be explained by the FIRO® Instrument?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator MBTI® instrument is one of the most popular instruments in the world. It finds numerous applications – in team building, leader development, coaching. What is it that makes it so popular among trainers, facilitators and coaches? The MBTI® instrument is used so often for ‘Self Awareness’ but how then has it come to be an instrument of choice for team building? It is of course easy to use but is that all there is to it? Perhaps the answer lies, surprisingly, in the theoretical framework that underpins another very popular assessment, the FIRO-B® instrument. (more…)