Work Roles

This highly visual report identifies your preferences based on the way you interact with others and approach your work. The graphics display your scores across eight work team role types. Your two most and least preferred roles are highlighted with detailed descriptive summaries.   The report contrasts between your most and least preferred roles and the associated behaviors. It gives you practical advise on the potential contributions you could make to your team and others. It suggests developmental inputs such as how to make the most of your work role, working with different roles and those most similar to your own.   This report comes from Saville's Focus Styles assessment. The report is based on Saville's research on workplace behaviours that predict performance. Based on this research Saville Assessment has identified eight work roles namely, Analyst, Innovator, Relator, Assertor, Optimist, Supporter, Finisher and Striver. This report will identify your two most preferred roles and two least preferred roles.


  • Can be used to work with stakeholders better
  • Can be used to analyse one's own work roles vis-a-vis the dominant work roles of a team
  • Can be used by new managers to learn to work better with different kinds of people with different work preferences


  • Explore your work styles
  • Look at ways you can contribute to others
  • Look at ways to become more effective at work and team
  • Find ways you can best work with people who are like you
  • Explore ways you can best work with people with different work styles
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