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Aptitude Portfolio

The Saville Assessment’s Aptitude Tests portfolio measures reasoning ability and ability to deal with complex information at work. It includes three ranges that feature Swift and In-Depth measures covering three test areas each. The Comprehension Aptitude range features Verbal Comprehension, Numerical Comprehension and Error Checking tests for general frontline roles. The Swift Comprehension Aptitude combination assessment covers each ability area through short sub-tests with 8 questions each (4 minutes for Verbal, 4 minutes for Numerical and 1.5 minutes for Error Checking) with a total testing time of 9.5 minutes for 24 questions. The Analysis Aptitude range features high-level Verbal, Numerical and Diagrammatic tests for complex roles. The Swift Analysis Aptitude combination test covers each ability area through short sub-tests (6 minutes for 8 questions) with a total testing time of 18 minutes for 24 questions. The Technical Aptitude range features Spatial, Mechanical & Diagrammatic Reasoning tests for production, construction, engineering and scientific roles. The Swift Technical Aptitude combination test covers each ability area through short sub-tests (3-4 minutes for 8-12 questions) with a total testing time of 10 minutes for 28 questions.

Evolution & Model

Saville Assessment’s ability model is a hierarchical model of abilities with 1 cluster, 2 sections, 6 dimensions and 30 facets. 2016-08-10 (4)


The Saville Assessment Aptitude ranges can be used for screening and selection across levels and roles. Different roles require different set of abilities and these have been mapped to create different aptitude tests (combination as well as single tests) in the portfolio. Please refer to the graphic below to see the mapping of roles and levels to the appropriate assessment. 2016-08-10 (5)

Program Details

Saville Assessment Ability model is a comprehensive framework and suite of assessments which requires specialist expertise to use. Training for Saville Consulting Aptitude assessments is offered as a part of our 3-day, Saville Assessment International Accreditation Programme in India. This program also covers training on Saville Assessment Wave®.

For more details on the programme, visit our page on the Saville Assesment International Accreditation Programme.

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Report Name Description Sample Report
Swift Comprehension Aptitude Measures verbal, numerical and error checking ability for front line roles. View Sample
Swift Analysis Aptitude Measures verbal, numerical and diagrammatical ability for complex managerial roles. View Sample
Swift Technical Aptitude Measures spatial, mechanical and diagrammatic ability for technical and engineering roles. View Sample
Swift Apprentice Aptitude Measures a range of abilities for apprentices to aid job streaming. View Sample
Swift Executive Aptitude Measures verbal, numerical and abstract abilities for senior/executive level roles. View Sample
Abstract Reasoning Aptitude Measures abstract reasoning ability for any role based on a language agnostic assessment. View Sample
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Reliability and Validity

Saville Aptitude range assessments are highly reliable (average internal consistency r=.84) and valid (average r=.45). They are powerful predictors of work performance, are positively correlated to academic performance as well as general mental ability (IQ).