Saville Assessment International Accreditation Program

Saville Assessment’s International Accreditation Program trains participants to professionally and ethically use the Saville Assessment suite for ‘Hire, Build and Lead’ application areas. This program covers accreditation on Saville Wave (behavioural assessment) as well as Saville Aptitude (ability assessment). Read more about Saville Wave and Saville Aptitude assessments.

Why Saville Accreditation?

For talent management professionals, the accreditation provides a sound framework for identifying, assessing and developing competencies in the organisation, to power high potential programs.

For leadership development professionals, the accreditation provides tools for capturing organisational priorities, assessing leaderships styles, alignment of competencies with organisational priorities and evaluating leaders’ impact using psychometric and 360-degree feedback tools.

For consultants, trainers and facilitators, the accreditation provides tools for auditing talent, team orientations and methods to support performance improvement initiatives.



    • The Saville Assessment Accreditation Program will enable you to:
    • Identify job requirements or competencies needed for roles while hiring or running hi-potential assessments (high potential assessments or high-potential assessment program?)
    • Use psychometric reports to make better hiring decisions, carry out accurate screening in high-volume-hiring processes and run more informed competency-based interviews

Use Saville reports to give developmental feedback, identify individual strengths, challenge areas and build individual development plans.

  • Administer, interpret and use Saville Reports in talent processes
  • Understand the technical aspects of psychometrics
  • Experience the assessments and reports for yourself


Program Content

      • The 4-day Saville Wave and Aptitude assessments program will cover the following:

      • Gathering competency-based job requirements
      • Understanding Saville Assessment’s Performance Culture Framework
      • Interpreting Wave reports and delivering feedback
      • Interpreting and using aptitude reports for selection
      • Using Wave Reports to guide individual development

      Program details

      Duration: 4 days

      Pre-work: 2 hours

      Certification Exam Required: No

      Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be eligible to purchase and use the Saville Assessments and reports through Anahat. They will also receive certificates from Saville Assessment, UK, indicating their eligibility to use the Saville Wave and Aptitude assessments. To download the program brochure, click here.
      Fee:Rs. 80,000/- (plus applicable taxes) (Fee includes all resource materials required for the program and is payable in advance.)