Anahat’s Diamond Power Index® guides leaders on a journey of self-development, and provides actionable insights for motivating, influencing, and inspiring the people around them.

Why Diamond Power Index® certification?

Leaders in positions of authority are faced with changes in the external environment as well as changes in attitudes, perception and behavior. This influences the way they use power. When leaders manage power poorly, it results in a number of workplace problems such as conflict avoidance, difficulty influencing without authority, poor morale and a disengaged culture.

The Diamond Power Index® (DPI) certification program gives you the tools and knowledge to navigate the psychological and social influences of power. It helps leaders learn the key competencies for using power effectively. The certification gives you access to special content, advanced training opportunities, and exclusive training materials for using the DPI® with your clients.

Benefits of the program

The Diamond Power Index® certification program will enable you to:

• Get an accurate reflection of leaders’ impact and effectiveness

• Improve employee engagement by creating more empowering leaders

• Create a healthy and productive workplace culture

• Optimize your organization’s leadership portfolio

• Develop high functioning senior leadership teams

• Prepare rising leaders to take their careers to the next level

Program content

The certification program consists of the following modules, delivered over 3 days.

Module 1: Power Intelligence®: An Introduction to Leading with Power

Module 2: Assessing and Coaching For Power: Administering the Diamond Power Index®

Module 3:The Power Profile®: Interpreting Results, Coaching for Development.

Module 4: Using Power Intelligence® in Your Organization and Coaching Practice

Program details

Duration: 3 days

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be eligible to purchase and use the Diamond Power Index® and reports through Anahat. They will also receive a certificate from Diamond Leadership® indicating their eligibility to use the instrument.