Strong Interest Inventory® Accreditation Program

The Strong Interest Inventory® Accreditation enables you to provide your clients with a dynamic career direction and insight into options that align with their interests and abilities. It will teach you how to professionally and ethically use the Strong Interest Inventory assessment for career exploration and development. Read more about Strong Interest Inventory here.

Why Strong® Accreditation?

For a school counsellor, the Accreditation provides tools to help students choose a college major and explore career options. In addition, it also helps students looking for enriching extracurricular activities.

For a career coach or career guidance professional, the certification delivers an additional tool for helping clients with their professional development, employee engagement, and reintegration into the workplace.

For HR and talent management professionals, the certification provides ways in which engaging talent development programs and career paths can be crafted for employees, that are aligned to their interests, hence assuring more engagement and ROI on talent programs.

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Benefits of the Program

    The Strong Certification Program will enable you to:
  • Empower individuals to identify careers, jobs, and activities that closely align with their interests.
  • Offer different perspectives on career direction, from general areas of interest to specific occupations.
  • Provide robust and reliable data about a person’s interests and work preferences.
  • Help organizations retain employees by uncovering work areas in which their people are more likely to thrive.

Program Content

The two-day program covers the following:

  • Holland’s theory of personalities and work environments (RIASEC) Validity and reliability information
  • Testing and measurement concepts
  • Instructions for administering the assessment and using Strong reports, and support materials for career exploration and development
  • Techniques for interpreting the Strong assessment’s scales and applying its insights
  • Ways to provide feedback and response to client questions Ethical considerations

Program details

Duration: 2 days

Pre-work: 4-6 hours

Post program assignments: 2 hours

Certification Exam Required: No

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be eligible to purchase and use the Strong Interest Inventory® and reports through Anahat. They will also receive a certificate from The Myers-Briggs Company, indicating their eligibility to use the Strong Interest Inventory®.

Fee:Rs. 24,000 (plus applicable taxes) (Fee includes all resource materials required for the program and is payable in advance.)