Saville Wave®

Saville Assessment Wave® is the most significant advancement in the field of occupational assessments in the last thirty years. The Saville Assessment Wave® comprises a comprehensive behavioural framework and associated assessments which evaluate an individual’s motives, talents, culture/environment fit and competency potential. It comes with extensive validation research and offers a completely integrated suite of assessment tools, to provide sophisticated individual and corporate diagnostics. The Wave® Behavioural Framework can be accessed with the help of three different family of assessments. These are:

Styles Assessments: Styles measure individual’s motives, talents, competency potential and environment/culture fit. It has two versions - Professional Styles and Focus Styles. Professional Styles has 216 questions and takes 40 minutes to complete. Focus Styles is a shorter version of the Styles instrument. It has 72 questions and takes 15 minutes to complete.

Strengths Suite: Strengths are shorter instruments focusing on individual talents that are known to predict performance. Designed for screening and selection, these instruments come in comprehensive and role specific forms. These instruments take 15-20 minutes to complete.

Performance 360: Based on the competencies of the Wave® framework, Performance 360 collects stakeholder perceptions of an individual’s performance. It has 39-45 questions and can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

Fee:Rs. 80,000/- (plus applicable taxes) (Fee includes all resource materials required for the programme and is payable in advance.)

Evolution and Model

Saville Assessment’s team of leading psychometricians started by examining 214 measurable behaviours using over 4000 questions and through a comprehensive research narrowed it down to 108 behaviours that best predict performance at the modern workplace across geographies, cultures, industries and roles. 2016-08-10

The Wave® Behavioural Framework is a hierarchical model of workplace relevant behaviours. The model has 4 broad clusters, which break down to 12 sections, which in turn encompass 36 dimensions. At the last level of detail, which sits under the dimensions, there are a total of 108 facets.



The Wave® model can be accessed through multiple assessments and associated reports which have applications across talent management and employee life cycle. From job analysis to selection and from potential development to performance management, the Wave® model can be used across talent practices. More importantly, it can also be used to integrate multiple talent management activities across the organization for better alignment and impact.

2016-08-10 (1) Specialist expertise is required to use this comprehensive model and suite of assessments.  We help practitioners gain this expertise through our 3-day, Saville Assessment International Accreditation Programme in India with over 8 hours of post classroom assignments. For more details on the programme, visit our page on the Saville Assessment International Accreditation Programme.   To download the programme brochure click here


A variety of reports are available for three main families of Wave assessments. These reports allow for more specific application of the Wave framework.

Styles Reports (Professional and Focus Styles)

Report Name Description Sample Report
Expert Report A detailed report on individual’s motives, talents, competency potential and culture fit with 12 sections, 36 dimensions and 108 facets. View Sample
Personal Report An easy to read report with ready interpretation on individual’s styles. View Sample
Line Manager Report A short, objective and easy to understand report for line managers. Provides competency potential and culture fit. View Sample
Interview Guide ^ Objective and competency-based interview resource with customized questions based on individual’s styles. View Sample
Sales Report* Helps identifying individuals with the potential and talent to succeed in sales roles. View Sample
Work Roles Report Identifies the most and least preferred work roles of an individual. Provides development advice on working effectively with others. View Sample
Entrepreneurial Report Powerful predictor of the ability to create and add value to an organization through entrepreneurial talent. View Sample
Development Report ~ Illustrates existing capability and areas of overplayed strengths. Provides development tips to achieve full potential. View Sample
Leadership Impact Report* Identifies leadership potential for talent selection and development in line with situational effectiveness. Assess leadership effectiveness in eighteen different business impact areas. View Sample
Leadership Risk Report Identifies areas of leadership risk and behaviours which may be overplayed at the cost of other important outcomes. A great report for developing leaders through managing derailment behaviours. View Sample
Onboarding Report Highlights key challenge areas and provides useful advice on how to best manage these potential performance limitations and how the organisation and hiring manager can best support development in these areas. View Sample

Please note that this list is indicative only. To know more write to

* Available with Professional styles only and not with Focus Styles

^ Also available with Work Strengths assessment

~ Also available with Performance 360

Strengths Suite

Report Name Description Sample Report
Work Strengths Behavioural Profile Provides competency potential and culture fit for screening across roles View Sample
Commercial Strengths Sales Report Predicts individual success in Sales oriented roles View Sample
Operational Strengths Technical and Safety Report Predicts individual success and safety orientation in Operational, Manufacturing and Construction oriented roles. View Sample
Administrative Strengths Administrative Service Report Predicts individual success in administrative and clerical roles. View Sample
Customer Strengths Customer Service Report Predicts individual success in customer service oriented roles. View Sample

Performance 360

Report Name Description Sample Report
Performance 360 Report Collates ratings and subjective feedback around individual’s performance. Provides rater-category wise rating comparison and cumulative ratings on 36 competencies. View Sample
Leadership Impact 360 Report A 360 degree feedback tool based on Saville’s 3P leadership impact model. It gathers feedback and identifies areas of relative strength/challenges in areas of Professional, People and Pioneer leadership. View Sample

Please note that these reports are indicative only. To know more write to

Reliability and Validity

The assessments are highly reliable (average internal consistency r=.84) and valid (average r=.57) drawing on items from a database of over 5,000 questions to assess talent & motive in a way that directly links to competencies & job performance.

In a co-validation study which included other psychometric instruments Saville Consulting Wave assessments were able to predict workplace competencies much better than the others.

2016-08-10 (2) Source: How valid is your questionnaire?, Saville (2008), British Psychological Society- Occupational Psychology Conference

Saville Consulting Wave has been awarded with the highest rating by not-for- profit psychometric auditor – British Psychological Society.