‘What’s your life’s calling?’ – MBTI® Practitioners Huddle in Bengaluru

Latest in the flurry of events by Anahat, is the MBTI® practitioners huddle that was hosted at Bangalore on 16 September 2017. Eleven practitioners, some of them certified as early as 2004, attended the huddle to discuss the theme ‘what’s your life’s calling?’.

Through a guided, facilitative process, the participants started on a journey of career related self-discovery. The session invited them to tap into their interests; personality through the lense of the MBTI® and; skills and abilities they have or aspire. A reflection on all these three elements, helps find alignment with their ‘career sweet spot’.


Participants went away with elements for deeper reflections, affirmations, another application of the MBTI® Instrument and more connects with fellow practitioners. Some remarks from our practitioners –

“The session reiterated the importance of reflecting on my ‘calling’. It also helped me see how the MBTI® can be used to reach an answer”

– Vistasp Malegamwalla, Dell Technologies


“Great insights and nice framework”

– Namrata Teckchandani, Harvard business Publishing


“Built a deeper understanding of my own type and my career sweet spot. Also interacted with fellow practitioners”

– Dechen Mohanty – Novozymes South Asia Pvt. Ltd.


“I liked the way the model brought all the three core aspects together to complete the picture”

– Nafisa Salati – Akamai Technologies


“Gave me the opportunity to refresh on my MBTI® understanding and a new way to apply the instrument”

– Anand Kartikeyan


“Offered a new perspective, it felt fresh and was experiential”

– Amit Sachdev – Tata IQ


We will be conducting more huddle sessions in different cities, with different themes to engage and communicate with our practitioners. Look out for our announcements or write to us at info@anahat.in.


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